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Scared at the thought of mobile app development?  You might be thinking, I need to hire developers, spend a lot of time and money making sure everything is perfect, and hope that the final product is actually used –  What usually ends up happening is your beautiful mobile app turns into a zombie app.

A zombie app lives on the third or fourth app screen and is where many mobile apps unfortunately end up.  A recent study from Adjust reported that nearly 83 percent of all apps remain undiscovered, so being flexible in the development process is critical.  Here are a few tips to ensure your apps stay alive:

4 Key Principles for Creating Mobile Apps

A few principles apply to building mobile apps that will be able to stay in front of your customers:

  1. Decentralized organization.  This means anybody can be a part of the app creation process.  Instead of outsourcing app development, by using resources in-house like a project manager, graphic designer, sales rep, or even CFO, anyone with a creative idea can design and build a mobile app and be in control of the entire creation process.
  2. Quick and easy development.  The benefit of using a code-free mobile app development platform like MobileSmith is that you can literally go from idea to app in 3-5 days.  No more paying developers by the hour!  When changes need to be made, you can simply edit your mobile app from the platform.
  3. No compromising.  You also don’t want to compromise on functionality.  Native apps that utilize push messages and in-app messaging are crucial for customer engagement.  Need to restrict access? No problem.  By using authentication like OAuth, you can make it easy for authorized users to sign in to your branded app.
  4. Cost-effective.  Pitching the idea of creating mobile apps to your boss can seem like an uphill battle if you suggest hiring developers – MobileSmith eliminates this cost.

What to Include in Mobile Apps

Making a mobile app with 1,000 cool features sounds pretty cool on paper – but don’t get crazy.  Customer feedback can make or break what you thought would be a popular app – that’s why feedback and quickly making changes on the fly is so important.  Here are a few use cases to consider:


  • Directories – If you’re tired of searching for information to provide to your team or customers, by using REST Services you can quickly retrieve data on-demand from any number of sources – and display it inside your own branded app.
  • Wayfinding – indoor wayfinding using beacon technology is great for large facilities that can be difficult to navigate.  Outdoor wayfinding is also helpful for larger areas and utilizes geo-fencing.
  • Appointment reminders – Want to keep customers engaged and aware of their appointments? Appointment reminders are the way to go.

 3 Steps to Get Started with App Development

  •  Don’t wait – just get started.  As simple as that.  Instead of finding the perfect development team, spending months of planning and thousands of dollars, using a powerful mobile app development platform like MobileSmith allows you to be flexible and make changes on the fly – important for mobile apps that need to be constantly tested.
  • Select a use case or app idea.  Once you have a basic idea of that kind of app you want to build, making changes or improvements is the next step.  A general customer-facing app might be the most obvious choice, but you can create wayfinding apps, hospital apps, event apps, even internal apps for your enterprise.
  • Start designing.  A simple wire frame sketch of how you want your app to look is a great place to start.  With MobileSmith, you can place a button anywhere, and are not limited by templates.

Don’t Fear the Zombie App – Just Use MobileSmith

With the MobileSmith platform, a key benefit is flexibility. Being able to send push notifications, alerts, or make other design changes to your app once it’s launched is easy and cost-effective.  Forget about being stuck with an expensive zombie app that no one uses.  With MobileSmith you can create fully customized native mobile apps you can be proud of.

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Making Your Own Mobile Apps for Customer Engagement