Workflow AppDoes your company have an existing workflow that needs to be updated, or improved?  Could an efficient mobile app pick up the slack where traditional processes and systems are too cumbersome and outdated?  According to a CDW survey, 46 percent of businesses with a custom-built workflow app reported increased efficiency as the greatest benefit, followed by increased productivity.

Take appointment setting,  for example. How much of your time and money has been wasted because someone missed their appointment, causing extended wait times and missed revenues?  If you’ve ever responded to those automated phone calls or verbally confirmed an appointment you know it’s a hassle.

Despite outdated methods like clipboard sign-ins and phone calls, a branded mobile app is an easy tool you can use to improve your workflow.  Okay, that sounds great, but what about your existing EHR, or Content Management System? Here’s how you can create a mobile app to display this information on demand, with no programming, and begin to utilize your resources more effectively:

Creating a Workflow App for Appointments

If you’re wondering how to get all your scheduled appointments and customer data inside of a mobile app, not to worry!  Instead of being stuck with systems that aren’t mobile-ready, MobileSmith’s platform uses REST Services, which makes it easy to retrieve data from your existing EHR, CMS, or legacy systems.

  • Imagine if Facebook or Twitter tried to load every single post or tweet you have ever created every time you logged in – that’s what life would be like without REST.  Instead, only certain pieces of information are retrieved and displayed on your timeline.
  • For example, you can make sure only current appointments for a certain hour, day or week are displayed – This is helpful when planning your day on a tight schedule – just check your appointment app!

Security Tip:  OAuth 2.0 is a simple and secure way to provide access to your app via a third-party mechanism, such as your patient portal login.  No need to develop a special mobile interface for user authentication when logging in.

Engage with Customers and Reduce No-Shows

  • Appointment Reminders & NotificationsFor external or customer-facing apps, appointment reminders are a great feature to include to help reduce no-shows.

Wish you could remind your entire audience of a deadline or special announcement?

  • Push notifications are the way to go, and easy with MobileSmith.  Simply compose a customized message, and send notifications to keep your audience informed and aware of deadlines or breaking news.

Want to Streamline Appointment Setting? Have Another Idea?

vintage-nurse-talking-on-the-phone-300x223Without even thinking outside-of-the box, simply converting one existing workflow is a good start.

Using the MobileSmith platform, you can make workflows like scheduling appointments a whole lot easier.  Without any programming required at all, you can securely display information in a sleek, branded mobile app that employees and customers can trust.

Whether you want to improve your workflow with an internal app, or increase customer engagement with an external app, MobileSmith provides one platform to do both.  From large corporations to small regional brands, MobileSmith has made it easy for non-programmers to create award-winning apps that reduce costs and improve workflows.

Seeing is Believing

Request a Demo of the new MobileSmith 4.0 platform to learn more about improving your workflow, and how code-free, native mobile apps can fit into your organization’s strategy for success.