Build Custom, Flexible Mobile Apps Affordably and Quickly

MobileSmith has transformed the traditional process of mobile app development.  Say good-bye to high costs, long timelines, and minimal control over your mobile app development projects.  Say hello to a vibrant new life cycle of your apps – from ideation to release, from maintenance to reinvention!  Be in control over all the stages of app production and have no worries about mobile platform compatibility or programming matters!  With MobileSmith, it’s all taken care of.  Time to get creative!

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How Most Apps are Developed Today:

mobile app development

MobileSmith Transforms the Process:

custom mobile app development

Traditional App Development:

  • 4-6 months average project length

  • Minimal or no control

  • Simple app updates -> time and cost

  • New App -> new project

  • New OS -> new project!

MobileSmith Platform:

  • Create custom apps in hours

  • Total control in your hands

  • On-the-fly updates

  • Easy reinvention and deployment

  • The same app works on iOS + Android

 Contact us today for a demo of our platform.  We would be happy to help you design your first app.  Soon, you’ll be cranking out your own unique, cross-platform apps in no time!