This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: Riding the Mobile Wave with a Sticky App

Of 102 Billion mobile app downloads in 2013, 75% of the apps were not opened more than once. Further, in 95% of mobile apps, usage discontinued within a month after the download. What can developers do to enhance customer engagement and ensure their app sticks on the phone of the consumer?

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MOBILE ENTERPRISE:  Measuring the ROI of Your Enterprise Mobile App

An enterprise app could cost in the ballpark of $50-100 thousand over its lifetime. Therefore, ROI is one of the biggest factors for a company to consider, and analyzing the performance of your app is the key to ROI calculation.  What are the most useful metrics when it comes to gauging the performance of your enterprise apps?

MOBILE KIDS: Apps for Children in 2014: The Mobile Generation?

Children are among the many demographics showing an increase in mobile device usage. The 5-15 age range, in particular, experienced tripled growth in usage from 2012 to 2013. Will mobile technology’s impact on children spur further innovation from younger generations?

MOBILE INNOVATION: Is Banjo’s “Rewind” Update a Tivo for Social Media?

Banjo released a new update for its apps on both Android and iOS systems, which feature a “Rewind” tool. The update uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google to piece together firsthand accounts of events as they unfold.  The user can then use the tool like a TIVO, “rewinding” the event and see how it unfolded over social media.


Embed your Website in your Native App!

With the Website AppBlock, you can display any website, using the URL, as a widget in your native app:  click to see how!

Embed website in native app