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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Marketers can Take Control of Enterprise Mobile Strategy

Today, more marketers are taking the lead in their organizations’ mobile strategies. In a modern enterprise, mobile app development has to be nimble and react quickly to stakeholders’ evolving requirements. Marketers are closest to the end user – how can they be empowered to take full control of UI/UX design and app production?

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MOBILE TRENDS: Forrester: Mobile Spending is Slow to Catch Up with Use

Forrester reports that half of digital professionals are spending less than $1 million annually on mobile development costs.  At the same time, a transactional mobile app can cost up to $2 million annually and a marketing app up to $500,000. What must marketers focus on to convince their bosses to reallocate budgets?

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MOBILE ECONOMICS: Thinking of Mobile Apps as a Revenue Source? Not so Fast!

According to new research from Gartner, less than 0.01 percent of all apps will be considered a commercial success by their creators at the end of 2018. Of paid applications, about 90 percent are downloaded less than 500 times per day — and earn less than $1,250 a day. How will increasing commoditization of mobile apps impact mobile developers?

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MOBILE DEVICES: Tablet Becoming a ‘General Purpose Computing Device’?

Rather than replacing mobile phones, tablets are increasingly pushing out laptops – which makes them less of a mobile device and more of a general-purpose portable computer. Apple’s latest iPad spot, presenting examples of people using iPads in various real world situations, demonstrates that tablets have strengths that have never been exhibited by laptops. Will the consumer continue favoring tablets, and will Apple continue its reign in this segment?

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MOBILE MARKETING: Mobile Advertising Industry on Track to Consolidation

According to the new report from BI Intelligence, the mobile ads industry, while wildly successful, is still tremendously complex and fragmented. However, partnerships and acquisitions are beginning to streamline the landscape, as big players are gobbling up smaller, more specialized companies. Which companies will be the last standing?

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Cloning apps: multi-app rollout