This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE FUTURE: Beyond smartphones, tablets: Mobile apps will be $77B business in three years

By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating over $77 billion in revenue. Revenue from advertising and data collection is projected to grow as wearable devices and connected household appliances become more common. Is the golden age of apps yet to come?


MOBILE SECURITY: Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps

The New York Times reports that leaked classified documents by Edward Snowden show the NSA and British intelligence have used mobile apps to gain personal data about the users. Angry Birds is one example of an app where spy agencies have intercepted third-party advertising traffic.  Do app developers have a responsibility to safeguard consumer data from prying eyes?


MOBILE HEALTH: Big Industry Support Prescribed for Mobile Health Apps

The Consumer Electronics Association has produced an educational program designed to help manage a health app while meeting FDA regulations.  The mHealth Regulatory Commission will be giving talks to Stanford, MIT, and at HIMSS in June.  Will this make it easier to develop your health app?


MOBILE EVENTS: The Top 10 Predictions for Mobile Event Apps in 2014

Successful Meetings online magazine published their predictions of how the event app will develop in 2014. They believe that event planners will increase their use of mobile apps, bringing venues and attendants together to streamline registration and participation. Can an event app contribute to your event’s success?


MOBILE ECONOMICS: Facebook Testing its Ads in Third Party Mobile Apps

According to a new report from PC World, Facebook is working with several outside advertisers and app developers to test its mobile app advertisements. This could portend Facebook opening its own mobile advertising network. Will this help developers to better monetize their apps?



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