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MOBILE APPS: Is it too late for HTML5?

In the latest report from BI Intelligence, consumers seem to prefer native apps; but there are many mobile developers who still prefer HTML over native because they believe it is a more cost-effective solution. BI Intelligence explores this dichotomy between native vs HTML5.  And here’s MobileSmith’s take on this never-ending debate.

LATEST WEBCAST: Do-It-Yourself Hospital Apps for Healthcare Marketers

Healthcare marketers are the perfect people to own their organizations’ mobile app development, because they have the best knowledge of their customers’ evolving mobile needs. Watch our latest webcast and discover a proven, efficient approach to taking full control of your hospital’s mobile app development projects. Learn how bullet-proof patient engagement use cases can improve your organization’s KPIs.

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MOBILE TECH: Can mobile technology reduce doctors’ visits?

Due to mHealth apps and home monitoring, physicians could end up seeing patients far less often for minor acute problems and follow-up visits than they do today, according to three doctors from Scripps Health. However, before that can happen, the doctors claim that more evidence may be needed to confirm the benefits of mobile health apps for patients, care teams and payers. smartphone, tablet or other similar mobile device; and research shows that these numbers are growing rapidly.

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MOBILE CONSUMERS: How will consumers interact with their mobile devices in the future?

The answer lies in how we use our mobile devices to search for information, how we can and will discover new mobile apps, and how we can and will re-engage with those services through a mix of user-initiated search and machine-anticipated prediction. At the end of the day, the mobile platform will play a crucial role in app distribution and attracting both developers and consumers.

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MOBILE DEVICES: What are the best tablets for children?

A recent study by Common Sense Media, showed how nearly twice as many children have used mobile media compared to just two years ago. Besides this, the average amount of time children spend on mobile devices has tripled! Gizmag takes a look at some of the most suitable first-time tablets for children ages 4 – 7 as well as other considerations.

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