This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: 6 Steps to Great Patient Engagement Apps

While patient engagement may feel like an overused term, the vital importance of it for hospitals cannot be overstated. Sensing the surging smartphone market, many hospitals are turning to mobile apps in an effort to involve patients and keep them satisfied. Following these six steps can help any hospital develop an engaging mobile solution for their patients. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile Apps Fuel Huge Growth in Time Spent on Digital

American smartphone users spent 621 Billion minutes using mobile apps in the month of June alone, an increase of over 200 billion minutes from the previous June. The equivalent of 14,945 human lifetimes, this statistic gives further evidence that mobile apps have beaten the mobile web, with the desktop fading quickly. Will these statistics have an effect on business marketing and advertising practices? Read More >

MOBILE DEVICES: Will Apple Reveal the Next iPhone at Their Big September Event?

People are highly excited about Apple’s Sep. 9 event, which most sources say will include the introduction of the new iPhone 6.   Apple’s new smartwatch, the iHealthKit and iOS 8 are among the other developments rumored to be revealed, further boosting anticipation. Will the iPhone 6 make a significant impact on the smartphone industry, or is it the latest Apple dud? Read More >

MOBILE INFOGRAPHIC: FDA’s Multi-Level Regulatory Structure for Mobile Apps

Despite a long backlog of apps to look over, the FDA is leading the way in defining a regulatory path for mobile medical apps, explains a new infographic. The infographic depicts the priorities of mHealth regulation for the FDA and lauds the revolutionary power of the medical apps. Will mHealth apps get the sign-off they need to have a major impact on healthcare practices? Read More >

MOBILE STRATEGY: Google Agrees to Refund $19 Million Over Mobile Apps 

With countless stories of children racking up thousands of dollars’ worth of charges on in-app purchases, Google has settled on refunding over $19 Million of these buys to after multiple parent complaints. The company also agreed to change its purchasing practices in freemium apps, by obtaining a customer’s consent before charging. Will this have a negative impact on the freemium app model? Read More >