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MOBILE AWARDS: MobileSmith Customer HCHC Earns Yet Another App Award

While elite healthcare facilities have been changing the healthcare games with engaging mobile apps, even local community facilities have been getting in on the act. Henry County Health Center created a very successful wellness app for their patients, winning a Silver App Award at last week’s W3 Awards. The success of HCHC Healthy living has proven that engaging patients via mobile is not just for larger health systems. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Cheer Up, the Mobile App Economy Isn’t Doing That Badly

There have been recent conflicting reports surrounding mobile apps, debating whether or not the mobile app market has stopped growing. While thousands of apps continue to flood the marketplace, and smartphone use skyrocketing, only 1/3 of users are regularly downloading any apps. Is the mobile app industry really dying or are consumers simply waiting for mobile apps that fill specific needs? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Closing the Gaps in mHealth

The current state of healthcare is being transformed to be more patient-centered, yet the mobile technology used by the majority of patients is still absent from medical care. Despite abundant resources, the lack of security and funding has hindered the integration of mobile technology and the expected revolution of mHealth care.  Will further advances in security keep the mHealth dream alive or will this become another missed opportunity for the industry? Read More >

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: Brands Not Embracing Mobile Will Get Left Behind by Millennials

Over 1/3 of millennials have made decisions on where to spend their money or have switched companies based on a brand’s mobile offerings, according to a recent Mitek survey. Further, 80 percent of the younger generation say it’s very important for companies to offer high quality mobile apps to meet customer needs. Are mobile apps the essential way to engage millennials?  Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: All-You-Can-Eat Apps Trend Coming From Asia

A growing trend has emerged in the mobile app industry, with some companies offering subscriptions for users to access and download a selection of apps. The ‘app bundling’ model arose in Asia, and has crossed over the ocean, in recent releases such as Sprint’s “App Pass”.  Do these subscription services offer the potential to make mobile app creation more profitable for developers? Read More >


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