This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE LEARNING: Learn to Build Branded Hospital Apps in 10 Easy Lessons

Everyone understands the value of mobile apps for patient engagement, but building an actual app can be a daunting task.  Have no fear! MobileSmith offers a free video course:  Building Branded Hospital Apps: A Course For Healthcare Marketers and Business Units. Upon completion of the course you will be a Certified Mobile App Expert, well-placed to deliver a branded app experience to set your hospital on a path for sustained patient engagement and overall success. Preview the Course >

MOBILE TRENDS: Time Spent in Apps Up 21% Over Last Year

Mobile apps continue to entrench themselves further into the fabric of today’s society, as overall time spent in apps increased yet again over the past year. According to a Localytics study, mobile users spent 21% more time in apps over the previous year, with music and health/fitness apps seeing the greatest gains in usage. Will the surge of mobile apps continue into 2015, or are we closing in on market saturation? Read More >

MOBILE GOVERNMENT: 3 Ways Federal Agencies Are Leveraging Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have long been lauded as game-changers in the enterprise world, and now the federal government is joining the fun. Several agencies have been releasing public-facing apps and mobile tools, in attempts to better connect with the citizens and groups they serve. Are mobile apps the right answer for agencies to boost their citizen engagement strategies? Read More >

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: 8 Ways iOS 8 Will Change Mobile Engagement

The release of iOS 8 and the new smartphones have set off a flurry of excitement among marketers about new opportunities to engage and interact with consumers. Deep-linking within apps and easier sharing abilities are just some of the new features of iOS 8 which experts think could push the mobile engagement abilities of the enterprise even further. With all the possibilities with each new release, is the Golden Age of Mobile still yet to come? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Are Health Apps Being Prescribed For the Right Reasons?

Few are debating the power and availability of health apps for physicians to prescribe to patients, but are the patients receiving the right app prescription? Some in the industry feel that the focus is too heavily centered on the app itself, and not on meeting the patient’s actual medical needs. The fear is that doctors will prescribe apps, based on what has been marketed to them, and not based on what is in the best interests of the patient. Read More >