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New Release

Announcing MobileSmith 4.0 – REST Services, OAuth, Better UI

The long-awaited MobileSmith release 4.0 is finally here! Now we support REST Services for flexible, on-demand data in your customer-facing apps. We also incorporated OAuth 2.0, allowing you to use third-party authentication services. Check out our improved UI – our goal is to make non-programmers totally comfortable building powerful, connected native apps in our platform!

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Free Webinar

In Depth:  REST and OAuth Use Cases for your Apps in MobileSmith

MobileSmith 4.0 is here, and we hope you’ll join us for a free webinar where we’ll explain REST Services and OAuth and the many use cases you can build with these cool technologies. Our Product Director Drew Ramsey will be introducing the revamped platform on October 1st, 1:00pm – 1:30pm:


Mobile Trends

Why CMOs are Challenged by Omni-Channel Marketing

The CMO is being exposed to new challenges in the way consumers access information.  Omni-channel marketing is key to connecting to customers on a variety of devices, but what challenges and keys to success are most common?


Mobile Innovation

Survey:  Customer Service is #1 Priority for Mobile App Development

Customer service is proving to be a top reason for companies going mobile, according to a recent survey.  97 percent of marketers are considering it important to update their systems with mobile data, and here are the reasons why customer service is such a focus:


Mobile Usage

People Now Spending More Time on Mobile Apps than TV

More people are now picking up their smartphone instead of the remote control, according to a new Flurry report.  The TV viewing experience has remained static as of late according to experts, while mobile innovation continues to grow.  Find out how mobile is poised to change television habits in the future: