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Apps and Wearables in Healthcare – What Works?

Wearables are hot, but do they really perform when it comes to improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction? Which cutting edge mobile technologies should a hospital prioritize? In our latest whitepaper, find out what works in the healthcare industry:

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Mobile Devices

Where is the Killer App for Wearables?  It’s on your Smartphone

64 percent of Americans own a smartphone, but only about 15 percent own wearables like the Fitbit or Apple Watch. Mobile apps like social or messaging apps are killer for the smartphone, but are there any killer apps for wearables?


Mobile Trends

The Mobile App Revolution is Coming Soon

IT has been consumed with issues surrounding security and servers over the past five years, and less time on developing actual mobile apps. The tide is turning now as organizations focus more on the value of mobile apps for their businesses. How will the approach to app development change going forward, and what are the mobile challenges facing IT departments?


Mobile Health

How People Really Use Their Apple Watch

Apple Watch users have several apps to choose from, but how does usage stack up among the various apps? Take a look at a chart of 2,000 Apple watch owners to find out what apps are being used as expected – or not:


Mobile Spending

Bringing Out Hiddent Development Talent in Your Enterprise

Mobile developers are expensive, and may not have the tools or skill set needed to create powerful mobile apps your enterprise can trust. Find out how CIOs are turning to non-developers to get projects started and develop apps without writing any code:


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Webinar:  Idea to App in a Month – 3 Success Stories

View our latest webinar to learn how you can go from idea to app in a month! We’ll discuss how companies like Toshiba and Einstein Health Care Network created awesome branded mobile apps in record time.

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