This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE WEBINAR: Cutting Edge Technologies in Hospital Apps

Hospitals have continually searched for cost-effective methods of engaging patients and improving healthcare delivery. This free webinar on  shows how new, cutting edge technologies, such as proximity beacons and geofencing, are being used to help hospitals bring innovative new apps to their patients smartphones. Join us on Wednesday, August 13 from 1:00-1:30 PM EST, and bring the latest mobile advancements to your healthcare community. Sign up today! >

MOBILE MARKETING: Multimedia Marketing 101: Navigating the Branded App-ocalypse

For much of the past century, advertising has been interruptive for the consumer, with ads breaking in to whatever they were doing (watching TV, listening to music, etc.) Many enterprises are using branded apps as a means to avoid that advertising model, by delivering a valuable consumer experience and enhancing their brand image in the process. Will these apps drive brand recognition among mobile users and revolutionize advertising practices? Read More >

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Enterprise Apps Pay the Most, Yet Are Attracting Few Developers

Despite opportunities that are far more lucrative in the enterprise industry, only 16% of developers are building mobile apps for enterprises, according to a recent study. The study also sees Apple’s iOS as the primary system for enterprise apps, having been used by 98% of Fortune 500 companies in their enterprise ventures. Will developers catch on to the enterprise trend, or will businesses be forced to look elsewhere for their mobile apps? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Uber-inspired House Call Apps Bring a Doctor to Your Door

The house call used to be a major healthcare practice in the early 20th century, and advances in mobile may bring this trend back. Apps like Medicast and Pager are enabling users in big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, to request a doctor visit, with the push of a button. Will these apps enable the physician house call to return as a primary means of delivering healthcare? Read More >


Accommodate the various screensizes of all your iOS and Android devices!

On the MobileSmith Home Canvas, you can easily design for the various screensizes of Android devices, and bridge the gap between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, to improve the look and feel of your app on any device. Check out this short video and see what we mean >

Technologies in Hospital Apps