This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH:  Mobile Wayfinding in Hospitals: Rub Some Beacon on it!

Walking through a hospital can be terrifying, with a labyrinth of corridors, weird smells and clowns, to top it off.  Hospitals have found an ally to assist wayward hospital wanderers in proximity beacon technology, engaging patients and visitors via mobile wayfinding apps, instead of sketchy folks in masks. Will beacons enable hospitals to direct their visitors and entertain them in the process? Read More >

MOBILE DEVELOPMENT: 3 Signs Your In-House App Project is in Big Trouble

Building a mobile app in-house can be a complex and daunting process, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the process. App development endeavors that aren’t efficiently organized or planned can turn into costly nightmares very quickly. Will these red flags help enterprises avoid to massive mobile development dilemmas? Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: How Do Push Notifications Compare to E-Mail? 

E-mail has been one of the primary 21st century weapons of the marketer in the quest to reach intended consumers and drive sales. With the rise of push notifications, however, marketers need to adapt their strategies to the new mediums in order to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Will push notifications overtake e-mail as an effective means of reaching consumers? Read More >

MOBILE BUSINESS: Mobile Apps Require Customer-First Thinking

The success or failure of any mobile app depends more on the app interaction with the consumer than with the app itself. App creators of any enterprise or background should keep the intended user at the forefront of their app vision, if they want to get their app on top. Will app developers be able to continually deliver on increasing consumer expectations? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Majority of Digital Media Consumption Now Takes Place in Mobile Apps 

Americans are spending the majority of their digital media consumption time in mobile apps, according to a new study by comScore. Mobile apps now account for 7 out of every 8 minutes of media consumption on mobile devices, led by Facebook, the top-ranked app in terms of usage. How can an enterprise best reach the increasingly smartphone-dependent American consumer? Read More >