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Mobile Wayfinding

4 Easy Tips to Increase Brand Awareness with Mobile Apps

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mobile app, some brands still have a challenge stealing moments away from apps like Facebook and Snapchat.  Find out 4 easy ways to increase brand awareness with your own branded mobile app:


Mobile Enterprise

Tablets Becoming More Popular in Enterprise Business World

Tablets are becoming more prevalent in the enterprise business world, replacing laptops in certain markets with more functional mobile devices.   Find out why certain tablets are so popular in enterprise, and what factors are responsible for the increase in tablet usage.

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Mobile Market

Mobile OS Wars Basically Over Between iOS and Android

A study of smartphone switchers reveals that 80 percent users that upgraded to new mobile devices kept their operating system.  What operating system is retaining more users, and what role does cell phone carrier have in these statistics?


Mobile Stats

iOS Slips to 64 Percent of Enterprise Market Share

iOS loses have resulted in gains for Android in areas like manufacturing and high tech sectors, but what enterprises are still turning to iOS devices, and for what reason?  Find out how drastic these changes have occurred, and why custom apps are making a big push in mobile enterprise.


Mobile Engagement

App Installation Varies by Month, According to Study

Mobile engagement can vary from month to month, but certain seasons are cheaper than others for marketers.  What time of the year is mobile engagement highest, and why are mobile marketers not recognizing one month as crucial to reaching customers?