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MOBILE AWARDS: 2014 Mobile Awards Yield Another Win For Code-Free Apps

The Gift of Motherhood recently earned Best Mobile App recognition at the 2014 Ragan Healthcare Awards. This app, created without programmers or coding, is one of several to bring home the hardware from 2014 mobile awards programs, including WFBH’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. Are platform-based apps taking over from the traditionally developed? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Should FDA Exempt Most mHealth Apps From Review?

The capabilities of the FDA to regulate health apps has been an area of much controversy in the health industry, and some former FDA employees say the agency should stop trying. These two employees, including a former deputy commissioner, suggest that it would be more beneficial to spur innovation by working with technology groups to define basic standards for future apps. Will the FDA be able to enforce their regulations or would they be better off focusing on other areas? Read More >

MOBILE EVOLUTION: Apps are Replacing Unions as Champions of Workers

Labor unions have been the primary defender of the American Worker for over a century, yet the advances in mobile technology might be driving this to change. The Uber app, for instance, allows drivers to pick their own hours, and have much more control over their everyday work experience. Will mobile apps, and the algorithms behind them, prove to be better than unions, in facilitating positive change in the workplace? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile Sales Skyrocket as Apps and Responsive Design Surge

The rocket-like growth of the mobile industry is showing no signs of slowing down, according to a recent Mobile 500 report. Sales of smartphones and tablets are seeing an 80% increase in 2014, with 42.4% of sales stemming from mobile apps. While some are claiming that the mobile app industry is losing steam, these numbers show that the momentum is clearly still in the apps. Read More >

MOBILE BUSINESS: The Paradox of Luxury Hotels and Mobile Apps

The use of mobile apps as a means of customer support is not yet a reality at most hotels despite the recent surge of the smartphone. Some upper-class venues, such as the Ritz, are finally taking to apps to enable mobile check-in/out, easy room service orders, and enhance the overall guest experience. Will the mobile app become an essential staple of the hotel experience or is this just a fad for luxury lodging? Read More >


Empower Your Event App with a Scheduler AppBlock-

One of the latest additions to the MobileSmith platform, the Scheduler AppBlock allows you to create and manage lists of events, both one-time events and recurring ones.  Learn More >

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