This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE MARKETING: In a Sea of Apps, These 5 Mobile Marketing Strategies Will Keep You Afloat

With millions of apps flooding the mobile stores, developers need to implement multiple marketing campaigns just to get their app seen. Apple alone reported that 80 percent of their apps, more than 950,000, are classified as ‘zombie apps’, those with no measurable attention or ranking in the store’s top lists. Do mobile marketing strategies, like social media outreach and influencer interaction, grab enough attention to keep your app afloat in the stores? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Healthcare Apps: Time For a Second Opinion? 

The number of mobile healthcare apps on the market continues to skyrocket, with nearly 97,000 health apps currently in stores. While consumers are demanding and using more mobile health tools, the FDA has fallen very behind in trying to regulate the area, spawning concern about potential harm from malicious or error-prone apps Will the public be able to find trustworthy health apps in the absence of consistent regulation? . Read More >

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MOBILE TRENDS: Are Two Mobile Apps Better Than One?

While the general consensus in the consumer world is, ‘The more you can get in one stop, the better’, the mobile industry is an area where it could pay to spread out. Facebook is the latest to test this theory with their new separate Messenger app, eliminating the feature from their main app. While some are skeptical, many believe creating multiple apps can deliver a more relevant experience for the user, than a single app diluted with too many features. Read More >

MOBILE ADVERTISING: Google Tests Way to Track Consumers From Mobile Browsers to the Apps They Use

Until recently, advertisers had not been able to tie a user’s mobile web advertising experience to their mobile app usage, having to treat what may be the same consumer as two different people. Google, however, is testing a way to connect a user’s mobile web history with their app usage, enabling a more consistent ad experience on a singular mobile device. While they can’t track users across multiple devices, Google’s system can be implemented on both Android and iOS devices. Read More >

MOBILE STATISTICS: Android Finally Overtakes iOS in Mobile Usage Stats

It had been a growing trend in the mobile world, that Android sold the most devices by far, but Apple had a higher usage rate. According to a recent study, however, Android devices have finally taken the lead in usage for the first time, using a 15% increase to take over the top spot. Does this statistic spell danger for iPhone, or will Apple survive the Android surge? Read More >