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Mobile Wayfinding  

Directional Signs Need Help – How to Use Beacons in Mobile Wayfinding

Directional signs are slow and costly to update, and often still leave your visitors confused.  Why not create a mobile wayfinding app with beacons to compliment your signage?  Find out the benefits of using beacons to help your visitors with wayfinding:


Mobile Awards

No-Code Apps Win Digital Health Awards – Will Yours Be Next?

MobileSmith is excited to announce that our customers:  UCLA Health, Sarasota Memorial Health System, and Tanner Health System have won Digital Health Awards for their mobile apps built in our platform.  Take a look at these amazing apps:


Mobile Strategy  

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Ads – Which is More Important?

Mobile apps have been a key driver in digital strategy for companies like Starbucks, but which is more important, mobile apps or mobile ads?  In a recent article in Forbes, take a look at what the experts have to say about mobile advertising vs. mobile apps, and why they are choosing one over the other.


Mobile Health

50 Percent of Apple Watch Owners Make Health a Priority

Wearables like the Apple Watch are causing users to become more and more aware of health choices, according to a recent survey.  The survey shows that 40 percent of users lost weight.  What other lifestyle changes are reported with increased wearable usage?


Video of the Week 

Beacons 101:  How Mobile Beacon Technology Works

In this video, learn how proximity beacons work, and how they can be useful for organizations looking to increase customer engagement.  Mobile wayfinding apps can help patients and customers find specific locations inside or outside of a facility.

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