This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE LEARNING: Free DIY Video Course: Building Branded Hospital Apps

Patient engagement is one of the key efforts of hospitals today, and as such, MobileSmith has created and launched a free, new video course on how to build beautiful, branded hospital apps to facilitate this engagement. In 10 short videos, healthcare professionals can learn from our expert instructors how to take their app from concept to launch, without coding. Our first two videos are already available, simply register for the course and become your organization’s Mobile App Expert. Sign Up Today >

MOBILE HEALTH: Next in Mobile Healthcare: Measuring Stress Through Your Spit

With a new breakthroughs in healthcare being revealed on a seemingly weekly basis, it would appear difficult to impress an mHealth consumer these days. In the latest mHealth revelation, however, researchers claim that smartphone owners will soon be able to monitor their stress levels…through their saliva. Using a tube, an app, and a saliva sample, the smartphone would measure the amount of the stress hormone, cortisol in their system. Read More >

MOBILE SEARCH: Is Apple to Blame for the Mobile App Deep-Linking Delay?

While Google revealed its new search features using deep-linking to include mobile applications, Apple has been falling far behind in this area. Some claim that Apple’s inability to network the apps, like webpages, has been one of the main reasons why an app search engine doesn’t already exist. Will Apple be able to implement mobile app search features for users, or will Google dominate this major area of the industry? Read More >

MOBILE CULTURE: App: A Documentary About the Human Side of the App Revolution

The mobile app has been a big part of our world culture for the better part of a decade now, and a new documentary will depict how society has changed as a result. “App: The Human Story” is a new project on Kickstarter, with the goal of examining what it is like to be a human with these new technologies. Though they have already released a teaser, the filmmakers expect the project’s final completion date to be December, 2015. Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: Beacons, Social Commerce to Play Big Role During 2014 Holiday Season

Mobile has entrenched itself firmly in the retail industry and this holiday season will see mobile playing a bigger role than ever before. With beacon technology rapidly becoming adopted by retailers and new ways to implement mobile engagement strategy, consumers are likely to discover a shopping experience unlike any previously. The real question remains; will these technologies cut down on the massive check-out lines this fall? Read More >


Easily navigate through your app build with a tab bar!

With the MobileSmith platform, a tab bar will allow you the choice of opening your app on the home canvas or any other Appblock in your app project. Just point the far left tab to your desired start page! See More >

Use a Home Tab When Building Your Branded Hospital App