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MOBILE HEALTH: Connecting Doctors and Patients with Mobile Hospital Apps

According to a the 2014 HIMSS Analytics survey only 35% of healthcare providers offer some kind of mobile app, yet many elite health systems are getting on board. Good mobile hospital apps can deliver a means to engage with patients, and provide them with tools to help take control of their health. Will hospitals take examples from these elite health systems and connect their patients and physicians via mobile apps? Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: 5 Killer Marketing and Distribution Strategies for Your App

Creating a quality mobile app is no easy task in itself, but marketing the app can present an even more daunting task, especially for individual developers. Finding a specific niche and continually updating the app are two strategies that can help an app obtain a strong user base. A strong social media campaign is also a solid strategy, but these tactics can also require further investment of time and money, than what was considered during the development process. Read More >

MOBILE SECURITY: How You Can Protect Your Business From Dangerous Apps

With personal mobile devices are flooding the workplace right now, many business leaders are worried about the potential security risks that such devices pose to their companies. While Apple’s vetting system lessens the risk from iOS devices, Android users can install apps that may potentially have malicious intent, presenting more of a threat. Will internal apps prove to be the answer, or will security issues continue to plague the BYOD environment? Read More >

MOBILE DEVICES: Did Apple Install a Security Backdoor on Your iPhone?

A security expert alleged that Apple has installed security backdoors in some 600 million iOS devices, in a recent academic report presented at a hacker conference in New York. According to the report, the backdoor offers surveillance-level access to photos, browsing history and GPS locations, though it does not accuse Apple of working directly with any security agencies. Apple claims that ‘the diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security.” Read More >

MOBILE STRATEGY: Why a Stupid App Like Yo May Have Billion Dollar Platform Potential

The viral app ‘Yo’ has caused a media frenzy over an app that just allows users to send the word “Yo”, and there is debate whether simple apps like ‘Yo” have any sort of financial viability. While the app itself isn’t groundbreaking, use cases surrounding the app are, such as the Israeli army using the app to warn of rocket attacks. Are apps like “Yo” genius in their simplicity, or are they simply a passing fad? Read More >


Create apps from an existing app project!

Creating an app using an app project that already exists is simple with the MobileSmithTM platform, saving yourself significant time and effort.  See More >

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