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Mobile News  

Sports Medicine App Launched in 4 Weeks by United Regional

MobileSmith is excited to announce the release of the Play On sports medicine app by its customer United Regional Health Care System — built and launched in less than a month.  Explore this amazing educational app, and the story of how it was created: Check it Out ->

Mobile Threats

Are Zombie Apps Killing Our Smartphones?

Zombie apps are killing our smartphones in more ways than one.  From draining battery life to increasing data usage, zombie apps can go undetected on our smartphones, yet cause major problems. What do zombie apps look like and how do they work? Read More ->

Mobile Markets  

Mobile Data to Grow 59 Percent This Year, According to New Study

Mobile Data rates are expected to grow by 59 Percent worldwide in 2015, according to a new report by Gartner.   Mobile data traffic is expected to triple by 2018, with faster 3G and 4G connections adding to higher data consumption.  What are the reasons for this dramatic increase? Read More ->

Mobile Health

mHealth World 2015 Attendees Discuss mHealth Trends, Future

At this year’s mHealth World + Telehealth World, topics like mobile technology tools, wearables, and connected health were the key areas of focus.  To learn how providers are using incentives to increase medication adherence, check out this podcast from the show: Read More ->

Mobile Trends

3 Common App UI/UX Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

From the moment a user touches your app, you want to be creating a positive experience.  However, app developers often overlook the best practices of UI/UX design, which may result in many disappointed users and abandoned apps.  Here are 3 Common Mistakes and how to fix them: Read More ->

Tip of the Week 

Tip of the Week:  How to Set up a Twitter Feed in MobileSmith

Set up a Twitter Feed in MobileSmith

Setting up a Twitter feed for your app users can easily be done by creating an Appblock in MobileSmith.  To learn how to customize the look and feel of a twitter feed and how to get started: Check it Out->