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MOBILE HEALTH: The Psychology of Fitness Apps

With the popularity of fitness devices, such as Fitbit and Jawbone, skyrocketing, many have been using the devices as much as a fashion accessory as a fitness device. There are even statistics to suggest the possibility of a placebo effect from having a device or fitness apps. Will patients see a psychological, as well as a physical, boost from new mHealth apps and devices? Read More >

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Millennials are Building and Bringing Apps to the Workplace

As the younger generation enters the workforce, they are the first workers to have grown up in a truly mobile world. These ‘millennials’ have spurred the BYOD workplace, enabling new levels of productivity, but also heightening enterprise security risks with third-party apps. Will enterprises be able to maintain a balance between productivity and security or will the ‘millennials’ force the “Bring Your Own App” culture? Read More >

MOBILE DEVICES: Will Smartwatches Live Up to the Hype?

With Google’s release of their new smartwatch, Android Wear, and the highly anticipated release of the iWatch still to come, the mobile wearable industry finds itself in a time of great potential and just as great uncertainty. Many see the potential voice activation technology and simpler interface as the possible benefits of these smartwatches. Good smartwatch products could easily put a significant dent into the smartphone market, and introduce yet another new chapter of the mobile era. Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: Google to Stop Labeling Apps with In-App Purchases as Free

Since their inception, the majority of app stores have routinely labeled free-to-download apps with in-app purchases as “free” in their galleries. Backlash from incidents of children racking up thousands of dollars of charges from in-app purchases have caused Google to stop this labeling. Will this change affect the marketing dominance of ‘freemium’ apps? Read More >

MOBILE FINANCE: Smartphone Apps Can Boost Financial Health, Too

While much has been made about mobile’s impact in personal health, the capabilities of mobile apps have always gone far beyond the medical. There are several apps out that are designed to help mobile users track their financial health as well, focusing on budgets, keeping track of savings, debt, etc. Will technology be able to provide a fresh look at personal finance and lessen the burdens on the mobile user? Read More >


Use Proximity AppBlock to Direct Users to Your Venue!

With the Proximity AppBlock, users can import a list store or venue locations into their app, including longitude and latitude, to help your customers come straight to you See More >

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