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Mobile Engagement  

Low Code vs. No Code.  Which MADP to Choose?

Mobile App Development Platforms often use the terms “low code” and “no code” which can be confusing when getting started with mobile apps.  In this week’s blog, learn what to look for in a MADP, the pros and cons of each, and the meaning behind code free.  Read more ->


Mobile Markets  

New Poll of Smartphone Users Reveals Staggering Usage Statistics

Mobile devices have evolved from just a convenience to a primary source for news, health tips, and social media trends.  A new Gallop poll reveals how much time per day the average American spends on his or her smartphone.  How does your target market rank compared to other demographics? Read More ->

Mobile Enterprise

175 Million Active Global Websites, a Billion Apps Short

There are 175 million active global websites according to research by Forrester, with a billion apps that haven’t yet been created.  For consumers, a company that doesn’t have direct access to our smartphones is losing out.  For more info, check out these 4 tips to take your website strategy mobile Read More ->

Mobile Trends

3 Key Factors Behind the Growing mHealth Market

The need for affordable healthcare services is poised to take the mHealth market to 23.39 billion by 2020, according to Transparency Market Research.  Three key factors that will contribute to an increase in the mHealth market are… Read More ->

Viral Video 

Top 5 mHealth News Videos of 2015!

HIMSS15 has been a prominent topic for discussion this year in mHealth.  Hear what industry experts have to say about patient engagement in healthcare, and the future of mHealth heading into 2016 with these short 3 minute interviews.. Click Here to Watch->