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MOBILE VIEWPOINT: Samsung Tablet vs iPad – Who Will Conquer the Mobile Consumer?

The device war between iPad and Samsung tablet has been raging for some time, and consumers have been split between the OS. Samsung has been one of the premiere Android device vendors to go up against the iPad, yet other cheaper Android vendors have caused their profits to take a significant dip. Will Android competition deliver the iPad an edge, or will innovation bring Samsung to the top of the mobile mountain? Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: NBA Franchise Seeing Big Bounce from Beacons

The potential of iBeacons has long been touted as having the capability to revolutionize the industry, and many businesses are finally starting to put these beacons into practice. The Brooklyn Nets NBA franchise has incorporated iBeacons into their mobile experience, using the technology to greet fans and deliver promotion and seat upgrade notifications. Will customers embrace the engagement capabilities of the iBeacon and encourage other businesses to follow suit? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Are Mobile Apps Responsible for Killing Traditional Businesses?

Mobile applications have already reshaped the way we think about technology, but they are now having an profound effect on the way we do business as well. Apps like Uber and Lyft have presented a huge threat to the taxi industry, especially in cities like New York, and have greatly disrupted the traditional taxi standards. While the businesses complain about these mobile invaders of their territory, citizens in several cities have embraced these app innovations. Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: FDA Regulation Unable to Keep Pace with New Mobile Health Apps

Hundreds of new health apps are hitting the app stores each month, overwhelming FDA officials responsible for regulating the industry. The FDA has only reviewed about 100 of the thousands of apps in the stores, and has focused on targeting apps that present a ‘greater risk to health’. Will lawmakers be able to assist the agency in providing better regulation of mHealth apps? Read More >

MOBILE SEARCH: Does Apple Have a ‘Zombie App’ Problem?

The Apple App Store just celebrated its 6th year of existence, boasting a collection of over 1.25 million apps and 75 billion total app downloads. Despite this success, over 80% of the apps in Apple’s store qualify as ‘zombie apps’ or apps that aren’t easy discoverable by potential users. Will Apple revamp its search features to make new apps easier to be found by users, or will developers continue to struggle to get their app’s noticed? Read More >


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