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Mobile Success  

Mobile App Doubles Efficiency for a Care Coordination Company

We are pleased to share the success story of Integra ServiceConnect, a Maryland-based care coordination company, who has used the MobileSmith platform to build and distribute iConnect, a native app for its employees, to streamline its community-based service coordination program. Based on the trial, this innovative home care app is expected to result in a twofold increase in program efficiency.

Mobile Engagement

Why 90% of your App Users Suck (And How to Fix That)

Mobile app users are hard to get and harder to keep. Even worse, 90 percent of the ones you do keep don’t become high-value users. What makes them drop your app, and what engagement strategies can help a hard-working app creator boost user retention rate?

Mobile Markets  

500M Smartphone Users Will Be Using a Medical App in 2015

Healthcare has embraced mobile enthusiastically.  FDA reports that this year, 500 million smartphone owners will be using a mobile medical app.  The figure is likely to triple by 2018. What can hold back this wave of health app adoption? More about the drivers and challenges:

Mobile Health 

Have you Launched a Branded Pregnancy App Yet?

In June, two more amazing branded pregnancy apps were launched by prominent US healthcare providers: UCLA Baby by UCLA Health and SMH Baby by Sarasota Memorial Health Care.  With hundreds of generic pregnancy apps available in the stores, why release a branded one?  Simple: patients trust their provider the most when it comes to mobile health advice.

Mobile Enterprise  

When it Comes to Apps, IT is Slow, Poor, and Weak

80 percent of employees say mobile technology is critical for getting their job done. The same number say they don’t believe their IT department can deliver the apps they need.  How can organizations solve the mobile challenge, given that most of their existing enterprise systems, which the apps will have to interact with, were not designed for mobile?