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MOBILE SECURITY: 3 Tips for Delivering Secure Internal Apps in BYOD Environment

67% of workers use personal mobile devices at work, pushing businesses to examine related security concerns as part of the new BYOD workplace culture. The susceptibility of sensitive company information to untrusted third party applications is one of the chief issues executives are facing. Are internal apps the answer for businesses to find the balance between efficiency and enterprise security? Read More >

MOBILE STATS: Mobile Apps Now Drive Half of All Time Spent on Digital

Mobile apps accounted for over 51% of digital time spent on media during the month of May, with users spending 60% of this digital time on smartphones and tablets. Desktop usage numbers continued to fall, as mobile use overtook desktop usage over the past year and the gap is widening continuously. Has the rise of mobile effectively killed the desktop or does the PC still have life? Read More >

MOBILE SEARCH: Did Google Make Their Search Engine a ‘Remote Control’ for Mobile Apps?

Google announced several changes to their search engine at last week’s Google I/O conference, including the indexation of in-app Android content. With Android users now able to pull up apps like websites, Google may have taken the first step towards delivering a mobile app search engine for users. Google is exploring releasing these features for iOS users as well, but have no details for such a tool as of yet. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: This Time Next Year, All Mobile Messaging Apps will be Exactly the Same

Mobile messaging apps have proven to be some of the most fruitful, as the industry has seen multi-billion dollar purchases over the past year, leading to a steady flow of new messaging apps. Many of these developers are combining features from existing apps into one app, while the existing apps adopt competing features, creating a field of remarkably similar messaging apps. Will new messaging products introduce original features or will they all be the same apps in different colors? Read More >


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