This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile Apps as Tools of Cost Reduction in Healthcare

With healthcare spending expected to hit $3.8 Trillion in 2014 (according to Deloitte), providers are scrambling to find new ways to cut costs. The explosion of health apps makes many people wonder, can mHealth be instrumental in reducing costs and making healthcare organizations more competitive? Explore the evidence and expert predictions in our new Whitepaper – Download Now! >

MOBILE CONSUMER: How Are Consumers Using Mobile Apps?

Engaging the consumer with an awesome mobile experience has always been the focus and challenge of mobile commerce industry. Plastic Mobile just released a study, determining what exactly was engaging consumers on several big name mobile apps. Explore the features of apps that kept the consumer’s attention longer: Read More >

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: Are SMART apps the answer for secure EHR?

Healthcare is now increasingly app driven, yet security concerns remain one of the top inhibitors of the mHealth revolution. To combat this, several distinguished medical minds have put their heads together to give hospitals secure EHR data apps. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Why Companies are Spending Insane Money to Buy Mobile Apps

There have been some jaw-dropping mobile app acquisitions lately – such as Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. Yet, 20% of advertising budgets are still spent on print media compared to only 4% spent on mobile ads. An interesting discrepancy! Does this new app purchasing trend signify an impending surge in mobile spending? Read More >


Upload custom images to create engaging bookmarks!

Create catchy bookmark buttons by using text or custom images for the selected and unselected versions of your button. You can put the bookmark button directly on your app pages to entice your users to save their favorite content.  See More >