This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: HCAHPS and Health Apps – Using Mobile to Enhance Patient Satisfaction

With the HCAHPS patient satisfaction survey, patients have been enabled to not only rate their hospital care, but to use these ratings to compare hospitals when choosing between care providers. Enhancing patient engagement, especially with entertaining apps, is essential for hospitals to maintain patient satisfaction and build their customer base. Will hospitals exploit the relationship between scores on HCAHPS and health apps, and deliver improved care to their patients? Read More >

Congratulations to Customized Communications and Wake Forest Baptist Health!  Their two branded patient engagement apps, The Gift of Motherhood and Comprehensive Cancer Center, built on the MobileSmith platform,  were among the winners of the 2014 Web Health Awards announced on Friday. This is the second award for each of the fantastic health apps.

MOBILE MARKETING: Are Marketers Getting Native Advertising Wrong?

Native advertising is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing, yet a new study shows that advertisers are still searching for that perfect combination of branding and performance.Almost half of respondents said that a lack of ROI metrics is hindering their native advertising campaigns. Using landing pages to track clicks, and incorporating advertisements into the native user experience of the apps could lead to improved performance for marketers. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile Search is Shifting from Google to Mobile Apps

Mobile is expected to account for 85.9% of digital ad search dollars by 2018, making the browser continuously more obsolete. A recent study showed that Google’s portion of this will drop nearly 20 percent as apps, such as Yelp, draw more users away from the company that has dominated the Internet search industry. Will mobile ad revenues be distributed more evenly or will Google, or another company, find the means to dominate mobile search?
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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Will Next Generation Break Down Technological Barriers in the Workplace?

A new generation is about to enter the workplace, and unlike their predecessors, these young workers will have grown up in a fully mobile world, never experiencing a world without internet, smartphones, and continuous connectivity. There is debate as to how or if these ‘millennials’ will cope with companies that have not adapted to their technological potential. Will IT departments be embraced by this coming influx of young workers or will they be antiquated by it?
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MOBILE DESIGN: Creative Professionals are Thriving in the Mobile World

A new survey of creative and design professionals showed that 70% of these workers are utilizing their talents specifically for the mobile industry. With such an influx in mobile, it is hardly a shock that the demand for designers in the mobile industry has risen so rapidly, and by most accounts, designers have embraced mobile technology as transformational. Will designers be able to keep up with the dynamic requirements of the mobile industry? Read More >


Headers and Footers Enhance Navigation in Your Apps!

With our platform, you can easily create a header and footer in your app, to appear every page of the app, with a single click. This could enable your users to navigate throughout the entire app from any page!  See More>

Enhance navigation with headers and footers