This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE TECH: Will Apple’s “Health” App Totally Transform Healthcare?

Buried in the middle of the iOS 8 preview, Apple’s announcement of its healthcare SDK – intricately named “Health” – was not missed. Apple’s HealthKit promises great things – wearable devices connected to apps; apps connected to doctors; improved communication and mobile data sharing, etc. With this breakthrough, will health apps quickly evolve from standalone personal tools to mainstream clinical solutions? Read More >

FREE WEBINAR: How to Create Custom Alerts In Your Mobile Apps

A great way to engage your app users is to set up custom alerts – gentle reminders (even when the user is offline) about appointments, events, medications or any other list events. Attend our free webinar to explore the various use cases for this feature and to learn how to easily configure custom alerts in your apps using the MobileSmith platform: Wednesday, June 11, 1pm -1:30pm EST.  Sign Up >

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Can Employees Circumvent the IT to Use Cloud Platforms?

According to a Frost & Sullivan poll, 80% of those employed by enterprises larger than 1,000 people said they bypass the IT department to use cloud-based tools of their choice. Could such “unauthorized” experimentation be a healthy trend in enterprise mobility, making enterprises more competitive? Read More>

MOBILE CONSUMER: Mobile Increasingly the Only Tool Used to Make Purchasing Decisions

New research released by xAd and Telmetrics shows that mobile is becoming the dominant purchasing tool. 42% of mobile users consider mobile the most important resource in their purchase process and more than 1/3 of mobile shoppers turn to mobile exclusively. The sales cycle is also fast on mobile; with 65% completing their purchase within the day.  Read More >


Enable Social Sharing on Imported Data in Your Apps!

With our platform, you can easily enable social sharing on any imported data in your app. Simply click the sharing button located underneath each data entry within the Data Mapping section of your AppBlock that allows sharing.  See More>