This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE KNOW-HOW: Customer Engagement Lessons From Two Award-Winning Health Apps

 Wake Forest Baptist Health’s Comprehensive Cancer Center app and Customized Communications’ The Gift of Motherhood won 2014 Communicator Awards of Distinction!  Both these awesome patient engagement apps were created by non-programmers and competed against hundreds of sophisticated apps, custom-built by professional app developers.  Which tactics did these apps use to achieve success?  Read More >

MOBILE STATS: Half of Older Mobile Users are Now Using Smartphones

 51% of cell phone users over 55 years old now have smartphones, according to a recent Nielsen report.  In addition, smartphones accounted for 85% of all cell phone purchases in the first quarter of 2014. Will this surge in smartphone usage, especially among the older demographics, tie over into the mobile app industry?  Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile Revenues Could Hit $70B by 2017 as Non-Gaming Apps Take Off

 Mobile apps are projected to reach $70B in annual revenue in the next three years. While non-gaming apps account for only 26% of that revenue currently, that number is expected to jump to 51% by 2017. Will businesses take advantage of this growth and grab a piece of this revenue for themselves? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Is 2014 the Year mHealth Goes Mainstream?

 A recent Mobiquity study says 70% of consumers are now using health and wellness apps, with 63% planning on expanding that use. The most popular uses of mobile health apps are for tracking calorie intake, weight and monitoring physical activities. Engaging users should be a major focus of mHealth as one in three consumers stop using their health app because they forget about it. Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: Deep Linking and 4 Ways to Fix App Discovery

 One of the most noticeable flaws in the mobile app industry is the inability to discover new applications. The most effective way for an app to garner downloads is through personal recommendation. Will the industry be able to produce a search feature to enhance the exposure of new apps? Read More >


Create Folders for Easier Organization and Navigation!

In MobileSmith, you can create a set of folders in the Library section of the platform, in order to organize your data and graphics into easily navigable lists.  See More >

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