This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE STRATEGY: No Developers, No Problem for These Consumer Apps

With mobile traffic expected to increase tenfold over the next five years, your business could really benefit from providing useful and fun mobile apps to engage your consumers. These three new apps, created by the MobileSmith team, are examples of convenient and entertaining mobile tools that you can easily create and offer to your consumers with your own company’s branding.  Read More >

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MOBILE ENTERPRISE: An Enterprise Take on Creating Successful Apps

There has always been a distinct difference between enterprise apps and consumer apps, but some enterprises have found ways to blur the lines. Combining with well-known mobile games, and providing branded entertainment apps for consumers are some of the ways these enterprises are thinking outside of the box. Will these innovations allow enterprises to achieve mobile app success with their consumers? Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Is Deep Linking the Next Step for Mobile Apps?

While linking is one of the trends that drove high revenue for the web over the years, this trend has not yet crossed over to mobile applications. With over two million apps now in the app stores, many feel like it’s only a matter of time before links have a similar impact and spur a boom in the mobile world. Major companies are already examining deep links and the potential of creating a mobile app search engine. Read More >

MOBILE SECURITY: A Simple Code to Block People from Snooping on Your Phone?

Spying on people, via their smartphones, has been a topic of great controversy, and has spurred many to try and develop a means to secure personal devices. Some researchers are attempting to use smartphone cameras to combine with security apps creating a mobile firewall. Will these efforts lead people to feel more secure in their smartphone usage?  Read More >


Push notifications can help you reach your users!

With MobileSmith AppOfficeTM, you can schedule and send push notifications about promotions, company updates, and event reminders to keep in touch with your customers.  See More >

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