This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Mobile App Strategy 101: The Agile Approach

Can you empower the most creative thinkers in your organization to ideate and prototype mobile apps? Great mobile app ideas can come from any part of your company, not just the IT department. Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, May 21, 1:00 – 1:30 PM EST and discover an agile, stakeholder-enabled approach to Mobile Strategy – leave brimming with ideas for great new mobile apps your company! Sign Up Today >

MOBILE TRENDS: As Mobile Roars Ahead, It’s Time To Finally Admit The Web Is Dying

A decade ago the World Wide Web was the main tool people used to access information. With the rise of smart devices, and a demand for increased quality, security and control, the Web has found itself falling far behind the superior native app capabilities of the smartphone. Will the Web ever make a return to its glory days or will it limp into an early grave? Read More >

MOBILE TECH: iBeacons Need To Work Smart With Mobile Apps And Put Users In Control

Beacon technology is the latest breakthrough in mobile technology, allowing enterprises to interact through mobile with consumers in their stores. While the beacons have been implemented in many cases, the jury is still out on whether this technology will be embraced by the consumer. What tactics can businesses use to best engage their consumers with iBeacons? Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: FTC Concerned with Health Data Sharing Apps

Health and fitness apps are a rapidly growing sector in terms of popularity, but user data on these apps isn’t always secure. An FTC test of 12 health and wellness apps revealed consumer data was sold by the apps to 76 different third-party companies. With a lack of security for their personal information, will consumers be driven away from these applications? Read More >

MOBILE MARKETING: Testing: The Secret Sauce for Mobile Apps?

About half of the poor reviews of apps on app stores are due to issues like crashes, network performance and battery drain. Better app testing practices could mitigate these factors and are essential in creating a successful mobile app. Testing on real mobile devices and with real user experiences is an excellent way to set apps up for success. Read More >


Enable users to search within your app by tagging items as keywords

With the MobileSmith platform you can tag items in your lists of data for in-app searching. Create keywords by hand, or do it automatically when you upload a CSV file by including a column in the file titled ‘Keywords’. See More >