This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: Hurry to Land on Your Consumer’s iPads- Launch an iPad App

The iPad just turned four last week, and has almost doubled in sales over the past year. Which groups of consumers are most actively adopting iPads, and what are the best strategies for engaging them?  Which types of apps should your organization create to take advantage of this booming trend?   Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: mHealth Apps Need More Review

A recent article published by the American Medical Association called for more review and assessment of mobile apps as a health tool. Physicians have often cited a lack of professional review as a reason why they would not prescribe health apps to their patients. Will the potential of mHealth ever be fully realized?   Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: Mobile App Usage Increases in 2014, as Mobile Web Surfing Declines

People spend 86% of their time on mobile devices using apps, according to a new Flurry report. Gaming apps continue to be a major driver of this statistic, accounting for 32% of mobile usage time. Will this trend push businesses to focus more on apps instead of websites?  Read More >

MOBILE SCAMS: Are Your Apps Doing What You Buy Them To Do?

A new security app took over the top spot in the paid app category in the Google Play Store. The app achieved over 10,000 downloads in 2 weeks before a closer investigation revealed it did nothing to enhance device security. It is unclear how many scam apps are available in stores, but the success of this particular scam may warrant a more hands-on mobile app review process.  Read More >


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