This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE DESIGN: Free Webinar: Resources and Tips for Mobile Application Design

Creating a compelling design for a mobile app is not as easy as it might seem.  There is a certain science to it! MobileSmith offers a free webinar on mobile app design to empower you to bring your customers a unique mobile experience.  Sign up today for May 1, 1:00pm -1:30pm EST, and find the design inspiration that will get you excited to create your next mobile app! Sign Up Today >

MOBILE TRENDS: More People Are Opening More Mobile Apps Every Single Day

Flurry has defined the term ‘mobile addict’ as someone who launches smartphone apps more than 60 times a day. Their recent study also notes that the number of mobile addicts has jumped 123%, to over 176 million users. What can enterprises do to attract these mobile addicts, and increase their brand visibility on a mobile level? Read More >

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: The Do’s and Don’ts of Building Mobile Business Apps

Mobile has become the new language of commerce, marketing and business communication, leading many enterprises to invest in their own mobile app. Even with this increase, businesses still wonder if an app will increase their revenue. Engaging the consumer, with two-way communication and catchy design, is a good way to start driving enterprise app revenue to higher levels. Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Your Health Apps and Wearables Are Breathing Life into Digital Wellness

247 million people have downloaded a healthcare app for personal use, driving an industry that raised over $2.2 billion for health IT in 2013. A recent study suggests that 90 percent of patients would have no problem being prescribed a mobile app by their physician, in large part due to this surge in health apps, along with increased usage of wearable devices. Has mHealth truly arrived as a major influencer in patient-doctor interactions? Read More >

MOBILE DEVICES: Will Microsoft’s Purchase of Nokia Save Windows Phone?

Microsoft took control as the new owner of Nokia’s device business last week. Windows Phone has been running a distant third behind Apple and Android in worldwide smartphone sales, with Europe as its best market. Nokia has specialized in entry–level devices, making new smartphone users the key demographic for Windows Phone.  Read More >


Use layering to add extra levels of graphic effect to your app!

With the MobileSmith platform, our layering capabilities allow you to send elements back or bring them forward, to help create a multi-leveled, engaging design for your users.  See More >