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App Innovation

A Better USA With These Three Government Apps?

Find out how apps are now positioned to radically change how citizens interact with government. We are finally closer to a more perfect union with the help of innovation in the mobile space.

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App Trends

Apps For The Apple Watch: A Bumpy Start

Have you ordered an Apple Watch yet? Here at MobileSmith, many of our tech loving staff woke up at 3am on the opening day to order theirs. Some of the comments from the ones who have theirs are that some of the apps are indeed in need of improvement. Reading this article, you’ll learn which ones are worth your time.

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Tip of the Week

Try Using These University-Built App Concepts

Building mobile apps is all the rage these days, sort of how web design was the hot thing over a decade ago. Read this article to see what kind of apps universities are building, and how these ideas can be adapted across many different types of industries. You’ll come away thinking about how these apps could be useful for your own organization’s purposes.

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App Security  

Privacy, Key To Successful Health Apps

This article highlights how important privacy will be to the success of the health apps emerging on the new Apple Watch. This topic will become more important as institutions build their own apps for consumers who expect the privacy they deserve.

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Viral Video

Webinar: Building a Cost-Effective Wayfinding App

If you missed our wayfinding webinar, watch it now on Youtube to learn how to save time and cost when building your own wayfinding app.

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