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A Letter From the CEO: How is Your Company Responding to Mobile Growth?

Change is everywhere. Take the adoption of mobile devices, for example. Wearables and smartphones are changing the world, but how is your company responding? MobileSmith’s CEO Amir Elbaz shares his thoughts in our latest blog:


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Last Chance – Learn How to Build a Pregnancy App 5/5 at 1PM ET

Is your healthcare brand connecting with patients in a fun and engaging way? Join us on May 5th at 1PM ET to discover the benefits of building a branded pregnancy app for your enterprise!


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Wall Street Pounces on Apple After Earnings Report

Could creating a mobile health app address these challenges for your healthcare organization? Here’s 9 ways mobile health apps are currently transforming the lives of patients and clinicians:


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Apple Watch Apps Will Have to Run Natively

Slow apps have been plaguing the Apple Watch for quite a while according to experts, but a new change is in the works to address this. Here’s what Apple had to say about watchOS2:


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Study: Mobile Marketers Using Emojis More Than Ever

A recent report from Gartner outlines why apps are becoming far more important to users. Here’s what experts had to say about the functionality of apps and what consumers are looking for:


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