This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Launch a Branded Mobile App to Engage Your Customers

As the mobile industry continues to reach new heights, organizations who don’t engage consumers with branded mobile apps will find themselves left behind.  Entertaining content and a smooth user interface are two of the main strategies the MobileSmith app employs to engage our mobile users.  Does your organization offer a branded mobile app?  How do you get started on building one?  Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Challenges in mHealth Tech Integration Are Real

While mHealth continues to be lauded as the future of healthcare, and encompasses an industry projected to reach over $26B by 2017, integration problems still keep doctors and patients from experiencing the full benefits. Will mHealth overcome the communication gap, and enhance the doctor-patient relationship?  Read More >

MOBILE APPS: Why Your Favorite App Isn’t Business-Related and How It Can Be

The majority of the top apps in the app stores are consumer apps as opposed to enterprise apps. Enterprise apps suffer most from a lack of entertainment value, and will require some emulation of the consumer apps if they are to perfect enterprise user experience. Will an enterprise create an app that can breakthrough in the app stores, or will consumer apps reign supreme? Read More >

MOBILE FUTURE: Is Wireless Smartphone Charging On the Horizon?

Researchers in South Korea were successfully able to charge 40 smartphones simultaneously from 5 meters away, in a recent experiment. While the technology is too costly to implement commercially at this time, the experiment does lend promise to a vision of a completely cordless future. Read More >

MOBILE TRENDS: How Mobile Apps Will Change Corporate Intranets

Companies spend millions of dollars each year upgrading and re-designing their intranet systems every year. The advent of mobile apps and the BYOD work environment have led some to believe that a company intranet is now irrelevant. Would mobile apps serve as an effective money-saving replacement, or is the traditional corporate intranet still the best option? Read More >


Testing Your App is Essential and Easy!

With the MobileSmith Platform, quickly and easily send a test app to any mobile device, and optimize your user experience.  See more >

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