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App Development 

Build Mobile Apps Like This To Keep Up With The Leaders

Mobile app development has notoriously poked along at low-gear speeds, clicking from one stage of development to the next without much concern for urgency. The pressure is now on to hasten the pace to keep up with the leaders, or else, get left behind. Read on to find out how!

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Mobile Trends

Google Mobile Search Now Prompts Apps Download

Because critical information is now being stored on mobile apps that is not normally searchable on Google, the search giant is now prompting mobile users to download apps that contain the information they need. This is a radical shift for Google, and a major endorsement for the increased use of mobile apps.

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Mobile Momentum 

Local Police Dept. Adds Smartphone App

Apps are becoming more than a trend, because unlike websites, they are usually useful tools, invaluable to mobile users who have downloaded them. The news that a local police dept. has developed an app for its local citizens “to view crime maps, identify wanted or missing persons, and receive emergency alerts…” is another testament that we have moved even further into an app driven world.

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Tip of the Week

Three Foolproof Tips For Designing A Mobile App

With all of the data informing mobile app designers on what makes a well-designed app, there are foolproof maxims, like the three in this article, being released that we should all be aware of and consider.

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App Security  

Mobile App Security And Usability Can Coexist

It’s a common misconception that security gets in the way of a great mobile app experience. That can be the case if app security and UE teams don’t work together. Read on to find out how app development teams are making good apps more secure.

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Viral Video

Trending YouTube: Mobile Wayfinding Apps

Mobile wayfinding apps are what everyone is talking about these days. They are helping users navigate otherwise dauntingly complex areas, like hospitals, university buildings, etc. Watch this video to see how these wayfinding apps work, and how easy they are to install and launch.

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