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Mobile Webinars

Webinar: Building a Branded Pregnancy App

Today’s expectant mothers rely on their smartphones to search for pregnancy advice and manage their appointments. Can your healthcare brand capture these mobile moments? Join our webinar on Thursday, May 5, 1pm EST and learn how to build a branded pregnancy app for your organization so that you can efficiently engage and educate your patients:

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Mobile Search

Will Apple Make You Pay for your Apps to Appear in Search?

With the app store being extremely crowded, check out these latest developments from Apple that may change the future of the app store. Here’s what a team of engineers may be planning to implement:


Mobile Health

9 Ways Mobile Health Apps Are Paying off for Clinicians, Patients

Could creating a mobile health app address these challenges for your healthcare organization? Here’s 9 ways mobile health apps are currently transforming the lives of patients and clinicians:


Mobile Trends

Why Shoppers are Flocking to Apps, Shaking Up Retail

E-commerce is changing the way we purchase our favorite goods, and data is suggesting continued growth in the future. Find out the top reasons why consumers are using mobile apps, and the concept of “snacking”:


Mobile Marketing

Study: Mobile Marketers Using Emojis More Than Ever

A recent report from Appboy, a mobile marketing automation vendor, provides insight as to why emojis are becoming so popular for marketers. Here’s what categories are leading the way, and the most popular emoji that’s being used:


Tip of the Week

How to Become a Certified MobileSmith App Expert

MobileSmith certification dates have been announced! Check out a list of certification dates across the country, and be a part of a fun and interactive training session where our Client Success team will guide you through creating beautiful mobile apps using MobileSmith. Be sure to reserve your spot today!

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