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MOBILE NEWS: MobileSmith Integrates with Gimbal to Offer Geofencing and Beacon Technology

MobileSmith has partnered with Qualcomm Retail Solutions to integrate their popular Gimbal™ context awareness technology in our Platform.  Now you can build awesome customer engagement apps that can send relevant, personalized, and secure content to your customers’ mobile devices.  MobileSmith offers easy tools to set up your proximity based messaging and engage your customers on a new level.  Learn more about what you can do with geofencing and proximity beacons! Read more >

MOBILE DEMOGRAPHICS: Are Older Americans Embracing Mobile Technology?

A recent Pew study shows that mobile and Internet usage among seniors is on a steady rise. Over 77% of seniors own a mobile phone, up 8% from a year ago, and 27 percent are tablet owners. While seniors are open to the idea of using mobile technology, over ¾ say they would need someone to help walk them through the process of learning a new device.  Read More >

MOBILE BUDGET: The Obvious and Not so Obvious Costs of Building a Mobile App

Creating a mobile app is a costly endeavor for any enterprise, and requires all the care and resources of any software program. Developer availability, communication issues, and app size are all factors that can drive development costs significantly higher. Are outside developers really the most cost-effective means of creating a mobile app for your enterprise? Read more >

MOBILE SECURITY: A Billion Smartphone Users may be Affected by the Heartbleed Virus

A scan of over 390,000 apps discovered that around 1,300 are connected to servers vulnerable to the Heartbleed Virus. Over a dozen banking apps and many more online shopping and payment apps were among those found to be susceptible. Is the future of mobile banking and commerce at risk, or will measures be put in place to secure users’ personal and financial information? Read more >

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: Mobile Apps Enable Citizen Engagement and Better Services

Local governments are beginning to embrace the mobile app era and some are offering mobile solutions to their citizens. Towns are using mobile apps as a better means to engage citizens regarding issues from fixing potholes and reporting graffiti to sending emergency alerts and collecting community feedback. Will these mobile solutions contribute to a more effective government for these communities? Read more >


Discover Who’s Tapping Around Your App With User Registration– 

In the MobileSmith AppCanvas, you can easily create a form to insert a user registration box for your app.  See more >

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