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Mobile Trends

Three Big 2015 Patient App Trends Picking Up Speed 

In the last few years, technology has pushed patient app trends to new heights. The app world we live in today is the stuff we used to read about in sci-fi novels!

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Mobile Wayfinding 

Beacons Becoming Glue Binding Physical And Digital Worlds

Some of the most popular mobile apps are Wayfinding apps, which means they help people find their way around a location, like hospital hallways, that is not available in Google Maps or is inaccessible by GPS satellites. But, to enable users to use the app, actual beacons must be placed around the physical location. Gimbal is the company leading wayfinding technologies, which is why MobileSmith uses them. In this article, you’ll hear from Gimbal’s COO about how beacons are becoming an important connector of people and places.

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Mobile Development  

Rapid Development Works – But Not Without Management 

Mobile app development is becoming faster and faster: RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development) is the acronym to remember. But, now with companies rolling out apps for everything from seasonal product launches to events, someone has to manage all that content. Many RMAD companies weren’t prepared for that, but thankfully MobileSmith’s RMAD platform comes with an easy backend content management editor for easy post-publication changes.

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 Mobile Experience 

3 UX Ideas For The New Generation Of Mobile Apps 

People use mobile apps much differently than they do websites, so designers need to have a good understanding of how to tailor user experience accordingly. Because mobile app development is still in the infant stages, there’s a wide range of opinion out there about what constitutes an app that’s easy to navigate and use. Read on to glean a few tips on what makes fora good mobile user experience.

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Tip of the Week 

Hospital Branding With Mobile Apps 

How are hospitals achieving branding success on mobile? It’s all about building a solid mobile apps branding strategy! Download this free eBook to learn more.

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