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Mobile Design

Mobile App Design Tips to Boost Discoverability

Setting yourself up for a great first impression begins well before an app hits the stores.  Here’s a few mobile app design tips aimed to help increase discoverability, usability, and the potential for your app to go viral:


Mobile Experience

5 Ways Mobile Devices Can Improve the Hospital Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience is an ongoing task for healthcare systems, with mobile playing a bigger role than ever. Here’s 5 unique ways mobile apps are helping hospitals improve experiences for new and existing patients – tackling problems from wayfinding to communication:


Mobile Trends

Airports to Embrace Mobile, Wayfinding by 2018?

Analysts predict that changes are coming to an airport near you as soon as 2018. Here’s what changes you might notice in the next couple of years, as marketers are attempting to improve the overall experience of travelers:


Mobile Tech

What May Be Preventing People From Buying an Apple Watch

A recent report names the top 6 reasons why some people are reluctant to buy another Apple Watch. Here’s what this report from BI Intelligence has to say about the biggest challenges and opportunities in the wearables market:


Tip of the Week

Targeting a POST Page from a LIST Page in MobileSmith

In this tutorial, learn how to target a POST page from a LIST page in the MobileSmith platform. For more training tutorials and client success webinars, subscribe to the official MobileSmith Training channel on YouTube.

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