This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE NEWS: MobileSmith Announces Company Relocation to Russia

MobileSmith announced that it will be leaving Raleigh after many years and relocating to St. Petersburg, Russia. A breakthrough in the portable heater app market as well as the employees love for vodka precipitated the move. MobileSmith also said that all previously created apps would continue to be maintained, and would be available in Russian at the client’s request  Read More >

MOBILE HEALTH: Health Apps for Seniors: Tap into the Gold Mine!

Seniors are emerging as the highest users of healthcare services.  While this demographic may be slower to adopt mobile than younger generations, the numbers of smartphone and tablet users among the elderly have been steadily increasing.  How can you better engage the older generations through mobile solutions?  Read More >

MOBILE ENGAGEMENT: 10 Essential Tests to Drive Mobile App Downloads, Engagement and Retention 

The average smartphone user checks their phone more than 150 times per day. The most successful developers focus on optimizing the app store search, registration and usage/retention aspects of their app. Will these strategies represent a blueprint developers can use for app success? Read More >

MOBILE SECURITY: Google Cracks Down on Dodgy Android Apps

Google has made changes to its Developer Program Policy following a class-action lawsuit last month. Harsher restrictions on app content, in-app payments, and app promotion tactics are some of Google’s stricter policies. Will Google’s new standards enhance user experience and create a safer mobile environment for children? Read More >


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