Weekly Mobile Scoop - 4-08-2015

Weekly Mobile Scoop – 4-08-2015: Unlikely Marriage Redefines Hospital Apps Strategy

This Week’s Top News:

Mobile Health Apps: Unlikely Marriage Redefines Hospital Apps Strategy 

An unlikely marriage between marketers and IT is rapidly changing hospital apps strategy and how large medical organizations acquire new mobile apps. Can you imagine those two departments waltzing across the dance floor together? An explosion of ruby dress sequins and Ethernet cables, right? Not anymore! Keep reading, and you’ll see IT and marketing departments are more like a virtuoso with her grand piano—a perfect union.

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Mobile Apps For Cars: The Next Generation Of Mobile Apps

“The automobile as a development platform.” That’s an incredibly powerful concept that will soon become reality. As big auto hits the gas on self-driving car production, everyone will become a passenger screaming for entertainment, especially during long trips or commutes.

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Mobile Trends: NYTimes: Apple Watch Review: Bliss, But Only After A Steep Learning Curve 

Apps are rolling out for the Apple Watch, but who would ever have guessed this new line of wearable tech could open hotel doors. What’s more is that instead of having to do the fat finger hopscotch across a watch-sized screen, voice commands and Siri captain this small piece of Apple magic. Thinking of buying? It currently starts at $350, soaring to a stratospheric $17,000.

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Urgent Action Required! Please Stop Installing Android Flashlight Apps 

Downloading apps is supposed to be fun and useful. When your screen goes blank or your identity gets stolen because of a malware infected app, the fun turns to sinking despair and helplessness. Recently Android Flashlight Apps have been labelled as a source of malware, so be careful!

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Mobile Industry News: Will Microsoft Corporation Put Android Apps On Windows 10 Phones? 

Rumor is that Microsoft may be open to running Android Apps on the new Windows 10 phones. In the white hot fires of app industry competition, Microsoft needs to do something to narrow the “app gap”…will this be the key?

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Tip of the Week: A Gallery Of Effective Mobile Designs To Model After 

MobileSmith is leading the way in DIY design for enterprise apps. Hospitals, military, churches, and other people-centric organizations are choosing MobileSmith’s mobile app design solution, whether it’s for building wayfinding apps. or user-friendly info. locator apps. No coding required!

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