This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: HIMSS-14 mHealth Trends: Apps are in Demand!

MobileSmith spent a week “kicking apps” at the HIMSS-14 health conference in Orlando. We saw a definite increase in health organizations providing/wanting to provide mobile apps for their patients. Will the high cost of app development and other constraints slow further progress in the mHealth industry?


MOBILE MONEY:  Will Freemium Get You Ahead in the Global App Market?

Free mobile apps with in-app purchases are generating the most revenue in the Apple App Store. “Freemium” apps make up 79% of all app revenue, up from 46% two years ago. While Japan is far ahead in average revenue per download, the United States is sixth in the world, more than $3 per download behind.


MOBILE SHOPPING: Retailers Are Using Mobile Apps to Drive Up Sales

Mobile devices were responsible for 17% of online sales during the last quarter of 2014, up 5% from the previous year. Retailers are using mobile apps to drive consumers to their brand, and some are even experimenting with targeted discounts based on app data. What are the biggest factors that drive consumer shopping convenience?


MOBILE SECURITY: 7 Ways Your Apps Put You at Risk, and What You Can Do About It

Security of personal data on mobile apps has been a point of great concern recently. Several methods can be used by consumers to prevent stolen personal data, including using PIN’s for in-app purchases, and blocking third party and advertising cookies. Will app developers be able to adequately secure the personal data it transmits?


MOBILE SEARCH: Quixey: The Google of Mobile Apps?

Quixey has raised $74 million to promote its natural language search technology. The technology would filter search terms through the Android apps database as Google filters websites, with an iOS search feature in development. Quixey’s leaders believe this mobile app search engine would fill a glaring need in the industry.



You can Create a HTML5 Widget in your Native App!

Pull an externally hosted widget onto any canvas using the HTML5 Widget AppBlock:

Create a HTML5 Widget