This  Week’s Top News:

FREE WEBINAR: Building a Cost-Effective Mobile Wayfinding App

Providing essential resources for your customers is the best way to ensure success, as well as engagement. Enabling easier navigation through mobile wayfinding is a great way to provide such a resource. Join us for our FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 25 from 1:00-1:30PM EST, and learn how you can provide a cost-effective mobile wayfinding app. Sign Up Today! ->

MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile Tech Spurring Disease Management Success in New Study

In the latest testament to the revolutionary power of mHealth, the Journal of Medical Internet Research stated that mobile tools can indeed boost adherence in chronic disease management. The recent study showed multiple ways in which mobile is fostering successful patient outcomes. What diseases are being fought with this new tech? Read More ->

MOBILE SEARCH: Google Makes Mobile Friendliness a Ranking

Google is forever playing with their algorithms for search engine rankings, to the joy of SEO companies, and Google is slowly bringing mobile into the fold. Mobile friendliness is one of the latest factors Google is taking into account, among several other mobile signals. How will Google be evaluating your mobile presence? Read More ->

MOBILE ENGAGEMENTNASCAR Turbo-Charges Mobile App by Rewarding Users

It’s a common sense rule in business that your customers will be much more willing to engage with you if you give them free stuff for doing it. Auto racing giant NASCAR has taken that to heart in adding a rewards program to their new app. How exactly does the NASCAR app reward its users? Read More ->

MOBILE RIVALRY: What Apps Are Draining the Life out of Your Smartphone Battery?

“Low Battery” is one of most annoying notifications for smartphone users and always seems to happen when we need the phones most. The culprit may be a one or two of your favorite applications according to a new study. What apps are super-draining your smartphone? Read More ->