This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE APPS: Stretching the Kitty: 4 Ways to Make Your Mobile App Budget Go Further

Over 50 percent of businesses spent more than $50,000 building a mobile app. Functionality/design changes and app upgrades can be a major money drain!  What tactics can help businesses save money on developing apps?  Discover our four best tips for stretching your app development budget!

MOBILE MARKETING: How Does an App Evolve Into a Killer App?

On average, more than 130 apps are uploaded to the Apple store each day. While some mobile app start-ups are sold for billions of dollars, most entrepreneurs struggle to find the formula for creating a killer app. Cheaper development of cross-platform apps could be a step in the right direction for developers.

MOBILE SECURITY: Cheap Apps, Lack of Inbuilt Security Leaves Mobile Environment Vulnerable

Some developers have taken to selling user data to third parties as a means of increasing revenue from their apps. This issue is caused, in part, by overall user unwillingness to spend big money on mobile apps. Will users be the ones who have to pay for better security of their personal information?

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MOBILE HEALTH: The Next Big Health App Needs to Do More Than Just Track Our Numbers

Most health apps today focus on one key feature such as monitoring blood pressure, or tracking exercise. Apple’s future iPhone health app, Healthbook, rumored to be one of the most comprehensive health apps yet, could combine multiple health functions into one app. Are health apps capable of analyzing multiple data reports to suggest lifestyle changes?

MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT: Will Mobile Apps Ever Conquer the Television?

Mobile devices designed for watching television have been produced for over 30 years. Today, while the capability to watch television on a mobile device is easier than ever, the television set still isn’t being challenged in terms of usage. While screen size is a major factor in this, it may be that mobile television apps still haven’t found the right model for optimized viewer experience.


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