This Week’s Top News:

MOBILE HEALTH: 6 Steps to a Great Patient Engagement App – Free Webinar

Are you engaging your patients with a branded mobile app?  People are glued to their mobile devices these days, and mobile apps are a great way to reach your patient base. Sign up for our free webinar, next Wednesday, March 26, and learn how you can make compelling patient engagement apps easily and quickly.

MOBILE INSIGHT:  Looking in the Rearview Mirror for Mobile App Inspiration

The mobile applications industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, but also one of the most fiercely competitive.  Outside of gaming, it has been social messaging and customer services that have proven to be the most successful app categories. Will analysis of past app achievement lead to the next big breakthrough in the industry?

MOBILE SEARCH: The Rise of Mobile First Infrastructure

The rapid increase in mobile devices, data and users in the app industry has brought substantial stresses of scale to supporting infrastructure. Security flaws, authentication issues, and better API’s are some of the main trends that are shaping current infrastructure surrounding apps. Will the technical support be able to keep up with the surging demands of the industry?

MOBILE TRENDS: Are Cards and Swipes the New Way to Engage Your Audience?

Card-swiping has become a major feature of popular apps such as Tinder. The simplicity of creating this feature, combined with superior user engagement ability has driven the feature’s popularity among developers. This could also represent a better way for businesses to gain relevant information about their consumer base.

MOBILE MARKETING: Making Your Own Mobile Apps: a Marketer’s Handbook

Marketers have a unique role in the creation and execution of their company’s mobile strategy.  53% of marketing executives are making mobile apps as part of their customer engagement tactics. The marketer’s mobile role is the key focus of this eBook, as readers learn how to build multi-platform apps without coding, and how to continuously engage their customers with their apps.


New iPad App Canvas – 

You can now create an amazing iPad version of your app! Use a standard iPad canvas or a Fly-out menu.

iPad Canvas