This  Week’s Top News:

MOBILE WAYFINDING: How to Build a Wayfinding App Quickly, For Less Money

Mobile wayfinding has proven a boon for many businesses looking to find new, more cost-efficient ways to direct users to their destinations. Bringing this experience to mobile can provide a great means of engaging users as well as helping them get from A to B. How can businesses deliver mobile wayfinding on the cheap? Read More ->

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MOBILE BRANDING: Global vs. Localized Apps: The Branding Dilemma

While nearly all brands recognize the necessity of mobile strategy, debate still rages whether two apps are better than one for a brand. The expense vs. engagement argument is at the center of this debate as businesses try to find the perfect mobile strategy. What are the pros and cons of global vs. localized apps? Read More ->

MOBILE OS: The 10 Things iOS8 Got Wrong

iOS8 has brought some welcome changes to the iPhone user experience, yet the new upgrade is not without frustrating features. In Apple’s struggle against Android, any deficiencies in user experience could have smartphone users sprinting for a Samsung. What does iOS8 need to fix for users? Read More ->

MOBILE ENTERPRISEThe Survey Says: It Does Pay to Make Your Own Apps

While mobile has already inundated the workplace, many businesses remain reluctant to build their own enterprise apps for employees. A recent survey determined that using third-party apps may not be the cheaper route long term for these businesses. How do businesses profit from making their own apps? Read More ->

MOBILE GAMING: Super Mario is Going Mobile as Nintendo Ventures into Gaming Apps

Super Mario holds a nostalgic place in many hearts, and many have been begging Nintendo to turn their classic games into apps. This may soon become a reality, as Nintendo has announced plans to finally bring the Mario Brothers to mobile. Will this turn around Nintendo’s sagging fortunes? Read More ->