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MOBILE HEALTH: Physician Facing Hospital Apps Save Doctors’ Time and Patients’ Lives

For healthcare providers, time is a precious resource. With the surge in mobile, hospitals can now easily create tools to facilitate more efficient time management and more successful outcomes, in the form of Physician facing hospital apps. How do these apps foster physician and patient satisfaction? Read More ->

MOBILE TRENDS: Phablets Leading the Mobile Growth Charge

Bridging the gap between phones and tablets, “phablets” are rapidly becoming the trendy new device for consumers. A recent Flurry post showed that these devices, like the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note, are taking the lead in usage growth. How fast are phablets finding their way into consumers’ hands? Read More ->

MOBILE NEWS: Mobile Medical Apps: To Be or Not to Be Regulated

While many have great ideas for an app that will reshape the way we conduct healthcare, potential FDA regulation is scaring some of these ideas to death, literally. While the FDA has recently provided a little clarity in a murky mHealth world, many still wonder what hurdles their app will have to jump through. What does the future look like for health app regulation? Read More ->

MOBILE DEVICESApple Watch’s Sad Slide from Killer App to Pricey Bauble

The much anticipated Apple Watch release is near on the horizon, yet the verdict is still very unclear as to what impact the wearable will have. Many fear that the Apple Watch will fall into the category of fashion gimmick (a la Google Glass). What will lead the Apple Watch to become a game-changing technology? Read More ->

MOBILE SCIENCE: 6 Ways to Use Psychology to Boost App Engagement

In the never-ending quest to retain app users, some enterprises are turning to psychology to keep their apps on phones. Understanding what clicks in the consumer’s brain can really help app developers deliver a great experience and market it to more users in the process. What psychology techniques will help you reach your consumers? Read More ->


Bring a Bit of the Web to Your App with a Local Applet!

The MobileSmith Applet is a way to bring a bit of the web to your app. Unlike a simple webpage link, Applets can run offline, interact with the native platform, and be configured through our interface.

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